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At Wallace Dental we Over-C your dental care. Our Over-C system uses digital sensors, software and a powerful dashboard to ensure and maintain the highest standards in cross infection control, clinical standards and patient care.

Our System

Our Over-C system is an innovative software solution used to maximize efficiency, quality and standards while improving our patient experience.

It is s designed to maintain consistent standards of care and to guarantee the highest health and safety levels for all our team and our patients.

Sterilise Dental Clinic

Our systems monitor and ensure the highest standards throughout our clinic;

  • Cross infection control including sterilization and quality audit
  • Surgery cross infection control
  • Public areas cleaning and safety.
  • Water testing and quality records.
  • Dental X-ray quality audit and x-ray equipment safety.
  • Health and safety standards audit.
  • Fire Safety Inspections.
  • Medical emergency training planning and records.
  • Equipment servicing and maintenance

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