Over-C at Wallace Dental


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At Wallace Dental we Over-C your dental care. Our Over-C system uses digital sensors, software and a powerful dashboard to ensure and maintain the highest standards in cross infection control, clinical standards and patient care.

Our System

Over-C provides an innovative software solution to maximize efficiency and reduce risk while improving patient care.

This system is designed to maintain ongoing clinical standards, health & safety and regulatory compliance.

Over-C Surgery Shutdown

Our systems monitor and ensure the highest standards throughout our

  • Cross infection control including sterilization and quality audit
  • Surgery cross infection control
  • Public areas cleaning and safety.
  • Water testing and quality records.
  • Dental X-ray quality audit and x-ray equipment safety.
  • Health and safety standards audit.
  • Fire Safety Inspections.
  • Medical emergency training planning and records.
  • Equipment servicing and maintenance

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